Signage Solutions for All Types of Businesses

24 May 2019
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Signage is an essential part of life with signs serving different purposes in different locations. Road signs are one example of signage; without signage, roads would be extremely unsafe and traffic would come to a halt. Each location requires signage to serve different purposes. On roads, signage must be large and visible from a distance, whereas in retail or grocery stores, signage must be written in a catchy manner in different fonts to attract potential buyers. Read More 

How a Certain Tool Can Help You Get Your Business Message Across More Effectively

14 December 2018
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Business owners across the land are very quickly learning that the keyword to survive in today's society is "flexibility." In other words, each organisation needs to be as nimble as possible, able to change direction if necessary and to take on new products or services on demand. This may mean that the company in question has to take their message directly to the marketplace and not rely on being found by a consumer. Read More 

A Guide to 3 Types of Storefront Signs

16 October 2017
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Opening your first retail business can be very exciting. Having fitted out the shop, purchased your stock and hired your staff. You will be able to turn your attention to what is perhaps the most enjoyable part of setting up a new store - buying a sign. Installing the sign on your new business premises will announce to the world that you are ready to start trading. Below is a guide to the different types of signage you may wish to consider installing on your new storefront. Read More 

Selecting a corporate sign that will stand the test of time

21 December 2016
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Nothing makes a business stand out more than a corporate sign adorning the front of your headquarters' main address. It doesn't just look nice; it's a symbol of your company's growth and success. However, logos, as we all know, can be tough to perfect. Some companies – such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Shell – have gone without any major revisions for many decades, while others have needed to revise their brand image multiple times; for example, KFC, Pepsi, and BP. Read More 

How to Restore a Bronze Cemetery Plaque

2 August 2016
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Time and weather can cause bronze cemetery plaques to lose their shiny appearance. This dullness is caused by oxidation of the bronze. You can restore the plaque to its shiny appearance by following a few simple steps. This article discusses those steps. Step 1: Remove Surface Dirt Get soft pieces of cotton cloth and use them to wipe off all the dust and dirt from the memorial plaque. Remove dirt from any crevices within the plaque using cotton swabs. Read More