Two Factors to Consider When Having Business Signs Made

28 March 2022
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Here are two factors you'll need to consider if you're going to have business signs made.

The Length of Time You Expect to Stay at Your Current Premises

Before having your business signs made, you should think about how long you expect to stay at your current premises. If, for instance, your lease is coming to an end in a few months and you are unlikely to renew it and will instead be relocating, you should ensure that any business signs you order are easy to remove.

For example, rather than ordering large individual letters that spell your business name and having each of them permanently secured to the area of the wall above your premises' entrance, you might want to order a hanging sign that can be hung off an easy-to-remove wall-mounted bracket. This will not only be cheaper to install, it will also be much simpler to take down and bring with you if you don't renew your lease.

Similarly, if you think you might change your store's premises in a few months, then it would be sensible to avoid ordering any signs for the exterior or interior of the current premises that mention the street name or number. If you feel that you need to add this information to a sign, you should get your sign-maker to use a type of paint for the text that they can remove with solvents or water. This will allow you to remove any references to the current premises' address when you leave and continue to use the sign.

Whether Your Premises Needs Illuminated Signs

You should also consider whether your business premises need some illuminated signs. Even if your business' hours of operation occur during the day when you don't necessarily need your signs to be lit up for them to be readable, it could still be worthwhile to order signs that you can illuminate.

For example, if you have a coffee shop whose interior lights are kept dim throughout the day to maintain its cosy vibe, you might want to order an illuminated bathroom sign to reduce the number of times per day that customers need to get directions from your employees because they can't locate the unilluminated bathroom sign in your low-lit café. If, as mentioned above, you don't think you'll remain in your premises for much longer, you should get plug-in illuminated signs rather than ones that need to be connected to the premises' wiring through its walls, as this will make the removal of these signs easier.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for business signs from suppliers near you.