These LED Sign Design Features Will Blow Your Mind

25 January 2021
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The truth is that you can only make something of your business by communicating with your customers. Customer acquisition and retention are only possible for those who can develop catchy messaging that will leave the customer interested in your products. Online advertisements are an in-thing now. However, they are not enough ground to dismiss the amazing results you can achieve using traditional advertisement signs. LED signs lead the way in versatility and practicality. If you choose LED signs for your business advertisement, pay attention to the sign's design elements. They are critical for optimising the efficiency of these signs. Here are the design features that will blow your mind:

Steel Mounting Brackets

The mounting brackets are the point of contact between the LED sign and the point of support. This could be a wall, post or special mounting panel designed to hold the LED sign in a suitable position. Steel mounting brackets are a top choice here because of their tensile strength. They can hold a large LED sign for long and keep it in place in the face of strong winds and other weather elements. More importantly, you have an option to use stainless steel or galvanised steel to enhance the bracket's corrosion resistance.

Slim Panel Design

A slim LED panel is aesthetically appealing and easy to handle during installation. However, do not choose looks over practicality. The slim design must come with functional features such as outdoor-rated Ethernet and WiFi connection slots. It should also allow you to fit easy-connect electrical boxes to the LED sign for a consistent power supply.

Gold-plated Connections

LED signs mounted in outdoor setups must deal with inclement weather at some point. When combined with UV radiation, these elements can take a toll on the sign's components and cause corrosion. Thankfully, the best signs in the market come with gold-plated connections to enhance corrosion resistance. Look out for this feature when buying your LED signs.

Complete Front Serviceability

A front serviceable LED sign means that you can carry out all the maintenance from the front side. You don't need to remove it from the mounting to access the parts that require maintenance. This feature is essential for ensuring that you can repair the sign in good time and get your advertisement up and running.

Module Board With Solid-State Controllers

The quality of the illumination given off by an LED sign is critical for visibility at all times. Your best bet is a sign with a robust LED module board that will give you a wide variety of colours. It should also have a solid-state controller to guarantee high-detail and high-resolution content at all times.