Tips for Printing Custom Designs on Promotional T-Shirts

20 August 2020
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When running a business, a great way to enhance your business is through marketing. There are various ways of marketing, and you need the most effective and less costly option. One of the most effective ways of marketing is by using custom-printed giveaway products. 

When you plan to use custom design t-shirts, you have to find ways to make the most from the product. While time is of the essence, it is also necessary to make sure you get the right products. Knowing a few things before ordering for online t-shirt printing will ensure you have the best and most timely services. 

Choice of Colours

If you are looking for same-day printing services, you have to choose your colours well. Multiple colours in your designs will increase the time you need for the setting. It will work faster for you if you opt for minimal colours. Sticking to only two colours will ensure that the process will be fast and straightforward. That will help in beating your deadline to have your promotional materials ready.

Choice of Printing Process

If you are ordering your t-shirts, you will need to choose the two most common printing processes. You can either choose the digital or screen-printing process. The option you choose should meet your requirements and offer convenience. 

Screen printing is best for bulk orders and also for garments that need frequent washing. But with digital printing, you can choose your colours online without professional help. Also, online t-shirt printing is flexible in that you can either order a few or many t-shirts, depending on your need.

Choice of Service Provider

When choosing the printing company, consider the quality and the cost of the process. Many companies will offer discounts on their printing, but you have to know the reason behind it. One of the things that affect pricing is quality, and the other one is quantity. 

Ensure you order your products wisely so that you maximize your cost of printing. Also, make sure that you do not compromise the quality of your products with the discount offered. If you want to witness a consistent growth of your business, avoid inferior products.

Great t-shirt designs can make your promotion very valid. Yet, you need to ensure that printing is done in the best way possible. Consider the size of the appraisal and the positioning of the logo or any other print. Placing the print in the wrong position can wash away the excitement of wearing the t-shirt. This can considerably affect the growth of your business.