How to Restore a Bronze Cemetery Plaque

2 August 2016
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Time and weather can cause bronze cemetery plaques to lose their shiny appearance. This dullness is caused by oxidation of the bronze. You can restore the plaque to its shiny appearance by following a few simple steps. This article discusses those steps.

Step 1: Remove Surface Dirt

Get soft pieces of cotton cloth and use them to wipe off all the dust and dirt from the memorial plaque. Remove dirt from any crevices within the plaque using cotton swabs. Do everything you can to limit touching the plaque with your bare hands. This is because the oil contained in your skin may accelerate the future oxidation of that bronze plaque. You should also wipe down the base of the plaque using soft cotton clothes.

Step 2: Prepare a Cleaning Paste

Make a cleaning paste from a combination of salt and flour. These two substances should be equal in quantity. Put the salt and flour in a container. Keep adding drops of vinegar to the salt/flour mixture until it forms a paste. The paste that you make should not be as thick as dough. Instead, add vinegar until that paste resembles toothpaste in consistency.

Step 3: Apply the Paste

Get a clean cotton cloth and use it to apply the paste above onto the bronze plaque. Gently rub the paste in using circular motions so that the paste removes the oxidised layer on the surface of the plaque. Use another cloth to apply more paste and continue rubbing the plaque until it is shiny again.

Step 4: Dry the Plaque

Get a clean cotton cloth and buff the plaque until there is no sign of the paste that you applied. This step should be carried out once you are satisfied that the plaque is as shiny as you want it to be.

Step 5: Wax the Plaque

Get a tube of wax that is in paste form. This wax can be bought from a hardware store or online. Apply a uniform layer of wax on the entire surface of the plaque. That wax should not be applied in a thick layer. Let the wax sit for about half an hour. Finally, get a clean cotton cloth and buff the plaque until it begins shining again. You may repeat this wax application process if you wish.

You can use the procedure above to clean the bronze cemetery plaque once each year. This approach will help that plaque to remain looking attractive for several years.