LED or Neon Signage For Your Food Business - A Comparison

17 May 2016
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If you own a food business, you'll need effective and eye-catching signage, as well as great food, if you want to draw customers into your premises.  Both neon and LED signs are viable options, but what's the best choice for your business?  Read on for a helpful comparison.

LED signs

In general, the initial purchase price of LED signs is lower than that of neon ones.  In addition, LEDs use less power to run, making them cheaper than neon.

If space is at a premium in your premises, LED's are usually thinner than neon signs and therefore less bulky because they are made up of single tiny bulbs, rather than thick tubes.  Whilst this might not be a big consideration if you're thinking about installing signs outside your premises, this factor could be an issue if you want a sign hanging in your window.

If you want a really bright sign that can be seen from a distance away, then LEDs are definitely the way to go.  Add to this some animation or flashing effects and you're sure to be noticed!

LEDs are pretty low maintenance when compared to neon.  LED bulbs do last for a long time, but when they finally expire, it's simply a matter of replacing the spent ones.  This is a simple job that you can carry out yourself, and replacement bulbs are cheap compared to the cost of refilling the gas in neon tubes.

Neon signs

One important consideration when looking at a choice of signs is the logistics behind shipping and installation.  Neon signs tend to be fragile because of the tubing behind the sign itself, which also makes the signs heavier than LEDs and therefore more expensive to ship.

Although neon signs are less bright than LEDs, they do provide a warmer, more old-style look that some people prefer.  However, whereas LED signs remain bright to look at during sunlight, neon lights tend to disappear and are most effective after dark.  If your food business is closed during the day, this might not be an issue for you.  

When it comes to environmental considerations, neon signs can present business owners with a dilemma.  Neon signs are powered by gases such as mercury and argon that can be toxic to the environment as they slowly leak away.  It's this leakage that causes neon lights to flicker and lose their brightness over time.  Once the neon in the glass tubes has run out, you'll have to have the gas replaced by a professional neon sign maker or replace the sign altogether.

Neon signs tend not to be as versatile as LEDs.  Because they are constructed of many tiny individual bulbs, LEDs can be easily animated to give the sign eye-catching movement.  Neon is more restrictive due to its bulky tube construction.

In conclusion

If you want an affordable, easy to maintain, super-bright flashing sign that will fit easily into your food business' window, LEDs could be the best choice for you.  However, if you have a large budget, prefer a more muted, softer sign that's only going to be illuminated after dark, neon might be a better option.