Tips for Taking Your Business Signage to a Brand New Level

17 August 2015
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Business signage is very important, especially for retail businesses and restaurants that rely on foot traffic and passersby to find them and frequent the establishment. Most business signs are very basic and having your name over your door can attract customers, but it's good to think of how to take your signs to a new level of effectiveness. If you own or manage a business of any sort, note a few tips in this regard:

1. Get creative with ground signs

Pylons and monuments are standalone signs that are usually placed by a driveway or outside walkway, to attract foot traffic or help drivers find the entryway to a parking lot. If you don't have pylon or monument signs on your property, it might be time to invest in these. They might be more readily seen by drivers who are not looking up at a building while on the road, and by those walking who also may not see signs that are out of their line of sight.

2. Backlight your signs

Having a large sign over your entryway is a good way to attract customers and visitors, but not if they cannot see the sign itself once the sun goes down. Backlighting your sign is a good way to attract the attention of customers and also ensures that your sign doesn't become invisible after dark. You can also put a spotlight under the sign that automatically goes on once it gets dark and ensures your sign is always visible. Try a spotlight with rotating colors for added visual interest.

3. Use movement

Flags are a good way to attract attention as their movement can catch a person's attention. You can use small flutter flags that are easy to install and take down as needed, and for properties where you cannot install a full flagpole. They're also a perfect solution for when setting up a mobile location, such as when you are planning a promotional appearance at another business or at the beach. The flutter flag is meant to move slightly even in the gentlest breeze, attracting attention to your sign and your business. 

4. Have signs travel

To get the attention of customers who aren't at your location already, use mobile signs. This might include signs on the side of a bus or on top taxis, or vehicle wraps, which are large graphics that are printed on the side of a vehicle. You can have a sign like this printed on a company vehicle or pay to have someone else have this type of sign applied to their car with a temporary graphic.